Pneumatic Placing Device

About the project : Neptune Equipments is the company which deals in manufacturing of fly ashBrick plants with the help of a hydraulic press of various capacities.  The component fly ash is a byproduct of the thermal power station in its chimney. It is the waste of pulverized coal. According to the new emission laws by the government the fly ash has to be utilized.

 The company provides its ultimate solution by utilizing the by product in manufacturing of bricks by the help of a hydraulic press of different tonnage capacity. Now the bricks manufactured are not sintered or cured in furnace thus they are also called green bricks. The operator of the press transfer the bricks which are freshly molded to the tray and then to place of storage.

 We have provided a new system for the complete automation of the hydraulic press plant. The system includes a GRIPPER SYSTEM, AIR COMPRESSOR etc. due to this the rate of production of the brick plant will increase and cycle per second ratio will also increase.