Multi Purpose Bending Machine


Current techniques like hand tools, separate machines for separate work, etc. are less efficient, less accurate, more time consuming and costly. In this system different types of operations like bending, twisting, etc were performed on different specified machines which consumed more time.The problem can be mitigated by developing a new technology which is fully automatic and can    solve the above stated problems.—   through the multi-purpose bending machine operations like bending, twisting, etc. can be performed on this single machine with more accuracy and efficiency without any wastage of time.

Our project successfully developed such an project as follows:

—According to the figure shown above, it is divided in to two parts by an imaginary line passing through the centre of the bed. The area below the imaginary line through the centre of the bed consists of legs and motor.
The area above the imaginary line consists of components like head stock, dead centre, die centre, etc. the work piece is like rods, pipes which are to be twisted are held between the head stock and dead centre. For the work pieces which are to be bended are held on a special arrangement provided behind the head stock.
 The bed is resting on the legs of the machine. The machine weight is supported by the bed.

Project by Sahil and Jay, Students of LJ Polytechnic, Class of 2012