LJ Idea Factory Program

LJ Institutes has announced LJ Idea Factory program. The program is aimed at encouraging the innovative ideas of the students, convert them into projects and then nurture those projects.

Generally it is seen that students have a number of ideas bubbling in their minds, however the students do not express the or consider them worthy to be continued as academic projects. In some cases they lack the institutional support required to take their ideas forward. LJ Idea Factory is a program that wants to change this.

It wants the students to think over and take upon innovative ideas as their academic projects that benefit society. LJ Idea Factory Program will run a structured program to select student ideas, get them to form effective teams and help in executing those projects within the academic framework. It will also arrange for expert guidance during this course to help students tackle the challenges they may face in executing their projects.

The first leg of the program is the LJ Idea Factory idea submissions. is the link where students can submit their ideas and win prizes for the best ideas. however irrespective of the winning ideas< students will get to work on ideas they love and are excited about.

Idea sessions to share great project ideas will also be held for the students.

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