About LJ Knowledge Foundation

Today each one in four young people in the world, live in India. India is by far the youngest major economy of the world and this country is only getting younger by the day.

To battle a multitude of social challenges like poverty, climate change and slow growth facing India, we will have to find innovations that will solve these problems and entrepreneurs who will scale up these solutions. Our young generation is best placed to take up this task, given we can shape them into creative and entrepreneurial individuals. Lok Jagruti Kedra (LJK), Established in 1982 by leading academicians, is a charitable trust that aims to improve our education delivery system by being an active part of this system.  Today it strongly realizes the need to create new models of pedagogy and academic practices that can engage young Indians through creativity and innovation driven entrepreneurship.

To further this aim, LJK has founded LJ Knowledge Foundation, an initiative that will work towards fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in young students. Under this initiative it will take up initiatives to

  1. Spread awareness and scale up the understanding of innovation and intellectual property rights (IPR) among the student communities through creation of knowledge resources, pioneering new pedagogies and academic pilots for teaching innovation/ IPR
  2. Training teaching human resource to teach innovation/IPR
  3. Encourage students to take up innovation projects in technology domain
  4. Encourage students to solve real life problems being faced by the common man, rural and the underprivileged class
  5. Inspire young students to take up entrepreneurship and nurturing their entrepreneurial initiatives
  6. Work towards improving the educational pedagogy in Indian educational institutes by making available in public domain new multimedia resources on teaching

LJ Knowledge Foundation is a not for profit organization that aims to take up the above activities in its quest for the greater good of the society and the nation it belongs to.