1. General Information
1.1 Patent Application No. 243541 Filed on


1.2 Published in the Official Journal The Indian Patent Office

Dated 29/10/2010

1.3 Title of Invention HYBRID AIR VEHICLE.
1.4 a Applicant’s/Grantee’s/ Assignee’s name HAP ACQUISITIONS LIMITED
14 b Applicant’s full address HANGAR NO. 2, CARDINGTON FIELD, SHORTSTOWN, BEDFORD, MK42 OTG, UK.
1.5 International Application Number PCT/GB01/02434 Dated


1.6 International Publication No. WO/2001/094172 Dated

13 /12/2001


2. Preliminary Analysis:
On reading abstract/full text of the claimed invention, we would like to offer Analysis Report as follows:
2.1.a Category of Invention: Automobile
2.1.b Subtype: Transpotation system
2.2.a International Patent Classification No. B060V 3/08
2.2 b International Patent Classification Classes: Transporting/generating/generating
2.2.c. US classification No. 244/25; 244/30; 244/100.00A
2.3 Name of priority country U.S.A.
2.4 Name of the Inventors MUNK, JEFFERY, ROGER
2.6 Keywords used ( minimum 5) a payload module,air cushion landing gear unit,a gas-filled contoured flattened hull,The hybrid air vehicle,received in the central recess
2.7 Patent Numbers referred US1686130, US2091580

US3180588, US3486719

US3738597, US3790110

US3844509, US4298175

US5383627, US5622133

US5823468, US6196498

US7040572, US7866601

US7874515, US8109462

US8167240, US8177159

USD583294, USD630155

USD635083, USD663255


2.8 Brief about Invention A hybrid air vehicle having a gas-filled contoured flattened hull including a pair of longitudinally extending side lobes defining, on the underside of the hull, a longitudinally extending central recess, a payload module received in the central recess and air cushion landing gear units on the underside of the side lobes of the hull. The landing gear units are spaced apart on either side of the payload module. The hybrid air vehicle has characteristics of an airplane, a lighter-than-air airship and a hovercraft.


2.10 . Details of Invention/s prior to the date of filing application in India are given below
The most relevant patents/applications are discussed as under) :
  Application No. Summary
2.10.1 US1686130, It is to provide a means, at both the bow and the stern of the craft and between the dual conical ends thereof whereby revolvably arranged frames with propellers mounted thereon may be placed and used to facilate a landing.
2.10.2 US2091580 The main purpose of this invention thereof, is to obtain a more rational and economical use of this engine power, by making it carry load, in addition to serving as the means of propulsion.
2.10.3 US3180588 This invention relates to rigid type lighter-than-air craft and is directed particularly to airships which are of substantially greater width than height and possess improved ground handling and control characteristics.
2.11 Prima-facie Observations This invention relates to a hybrid air vehicle (HAV) and in particular to an air vehicle which combines characteristics of an airplane, a lighter-than-air airship and a hovercraft.


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