Innovation based pedagogy

Innovation may hold the answers to the next phase of economic growth in India and much of that cannot be achieved without devising an indigenous innovation based pedagogy. This pedagogy cannot be a mere transplantation of the prevalent practices in west instead it has to appreciate the prevailing situation in India and the fact that innovation for a billion people will differ in its characteristic from the innovation that occurs for a million people.

Therefore developing an organic form of innovation based pedagogy is vital. In developing such an implementable model we will have to do countless experiments on the ground that will converge towards our ultimate goal of developing an innovation based pedagogy. The initiatives to foster an innovation based pedagogy taken by LJ knowledge foundation is one such pioneering step. To further spread what we learnt from this experiment of introducing patent studies and analysis for technology students, we are here sharing the feedbacks and experiences of the faculty who implemented the program.

Here are the experiences of Mr. Jignesh Vania who has an extensive eight years of combined experience in industry and academia had led the patent analysis program in the Information technology department at LJ Institute.

I really admire the initiation taken by our institute on patent analysis. Through this program students has come to know about the real world problem and research work area in the different field of engineering, which could help them to find real world problem for their project work and further study.

Initially when the things were proposed to the college we have faced so many problems. The major problem was how to make students aware about such thing and importance of it. With the great effort of our team, implementing members and our Vice Presedent Dr. Manishbhai Shah and Director Dr C.R.Maiti , we could take things ahead. I think at last we have had a very efficient and positive solution  for institute in implementing an innovation based pedagogy. I really appreciate and thankful to institute for thinking such a great kind of opportunity for student. I also appreciate the help and support from the other faculty members. In last this program is successfully executed and achieved desired goal because of great team work of students, faculties and the institute.

Also follow the experiences of Ms. Madhvi Sadhwani, who lead the patent analysis program in the Computers Science Branch at the LJ Institute of Engineering and Technology.

With the growth of the IT industry and other technical sectors, an urgent need is felt to protect
the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) generated, all over the world. Scientists and scholars alike
need to be able to protect their ideas and ensure that their Intellectual property is protected.
To protect their ideas and newly research topics registering their ideas are essential.

LJ trust is the first one to understand the importance of Patent Analysis and has taken the
key step to explore more in the field of patent analysis, which was difficult to take. To make
students & faculties aware, institute has conducted seminars and workshops on patent analysis.
Furthermore, LJ worked with students and given them number of assignments which were
published on website to encourage them.

A collection of patent analysis on computer, mechanical, civil, electronics & communication
engineering and pharmacy etc… has been provided on website to help research scholars. They
can access portal and use information directly instead of searching patents information.

In a nutshell, the portal provides all the means to keep watch on newly researched patent,
required not only to generate unique patent but also to ensure avoidance of infringement and
also minimize or curb violation of its patent by others. The portal is a platform, through which
you may like to avail listed services such as newly researched patents and newly researched
IDPs, innovated by students of LJ trust.

I appreciate the initiatives taken by LJ and grateful to trust for giving me opportunity to be a
part of such innovative event.